Testimonials from experts
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"The machine vision market in Russia is considerably small now, however its further expansion depends on whether Russian manufacturing industry will develop machining facilities, analytical gadgets, microscopes and other equipment where machine vision technologies are mostly used. Today machining facilities and other hi-tech equipment are mainly imported and already contain machine vision cameras. As a result a demand for cameras in Russia is small. If there is technological boost, the market will become very fast-growing. And it appears that all preconditions for such a boost exist. Rapid increase in usage of machine vision technologies in security as well as in other spheres where analytical applications are used is interesting. We already implemented some large-scale projects. Implementation of cameras in sports industry and sports medicine is growing. In this situation exhibition devoted to machine vision is undoubtedly in demand. People should be familiarized with latest technologies." "Machine vision systems showcase technological level of a modern enterprise. Only they can afford reliable information in numeral about products’ characteristics on different stages of its production. Information, which is essential for high quality and productivity – 2 features indicating contemporary level of competition. And this is an objective fact which does not depend on geographical location as well as nationalities. In terms of global markets the Russian enterprises competing with European and Asian manufacturers have no other choice: either they will implement machine vision technologies or go bust... That is why interest towards machine vision technologies in Russia increases day by day and any initiative in this field will be appreciated by the Russian engineers. Taking into consideration large scale of Russian resources, we can rely on high sales volumes of products and technologies. But it is important to understand that only those manufacturers of cameras, optics and software who are ready to invest in a long-term can anticipate the successful business in Russia. And basing on experience of our foreign partners, who share our ideas and follow this approach for many years, I can say that it is undoubtedly possible."
Victor Egorov,
Area sales manager,
Basler AG
Maxim Soroka,
General director,