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Industrial applications

Automotive & automotive supply
Chemical Food & beverage production
Pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries
Printing industry (quality control on a stage of packaging, marking, labelling)
Electrotechnical and electronics industries
Semiconductor production, photovoltaics
Machine building
Woodworking and lumber
Glass production and processing
Aerospace & defence

Security applications

Accident monitoring
Facial recognition
Wide area surveillance
Speed enforcement
Monitoring traffic flow
Automatic Number Plate Recognition
Bank security
Detection of false coins


Measurement and quality control in logistics centers
Defectoscopy for railway and subway
Railway track inspection
Number recognition (tracks, tankers, wheels)
Control the liquid level in the container
Surface inspection
Checking the package

Pharma and Life Sciences

High-speed medical imaging
Farm-code reading
Cell Biology
Production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Sports, motion, HoReCa

Motion Analysis
Tactical and statistical game analysis
Rapid process capturing
Facial Recognition

Automobile Applications

Advanced driver assistance systems
Automotive crash testing
Defect detection
Intelligent Transportations Systems (ITS)
Traffic monitoring
Automatic Number Plate Recognition
Surface inspection
Accident monitoring
Wide area surveillance
Speed enforcement
Red light enforcement
Monitoring traffic flow

Robotics and UAV

Machine vision for robotics
Object transfer
Machine vision in drones (UAV)
Aerial and city mapping
Wide area surveillance

Products & services:

Illumination Optics / lenses
Optical filters
Area scan cameras
Line scan cameras
High-speed cameras
Infrared cameras
Hyperspectral cameras
X-ray cameras
CIS/LDIS (Contact image sensors / Low distance image sensors)
Optical sensors
Frame grabbers / acquisition boxes
Software libraries
Software application packages
Configurable Machine Vision Software
Processors and computer components
Measuring systems for machine vision
Cables and connectors
Camera protective enclosures and mounting devices
Auxiliary materials